Form of Prayer



Swiss Reformer of Zürich

  • General Prayers
  • Prayer for Illumination
  • Intercessions
  • Lord’s Prayer
  • Scripture
  • Sermon
  • Remembrance of the Dead
  • Confession
  • Prayer for Forgiveness

Since nothing admonishes man more about himself than death, it is good that we are notified about those of our congregation who have died in true Christian faith, so that we may always be prepared and be on watch at all times, according to the warning of the Lord (Matt. 24:42; 25:13; Mark 13:33). And these are the brothers and sisters whom during this week God has called out of this time, namely, N.
Now let us praise and thank God that he has taken these our fellow brothers and sisters in true faith and hope out of this misery, relieved them of all sorrow and toil, and placed them in eternal joy. With this, let us also pray to God that he may grant us so to live our lives that we too will be lead in true faith and his grace out of this valley of sorrow into the eternal fellowship of his elect. Amen.

Prayer after the Sermon if someone died the previous week