Form of the Mass

Martin Luther


German Reformer of Wittenberg

  • Introit
  • Kyrie
  • Gloria 
  • Collect
  • Epistle
  • Gradual or Alleluia
  • Sequence or Prose (rare)
  • Gospel
  • Nicene Creed
  • Sermon
  • Sursum Corda
  • Preface
  • Words of Institution
  • Sanctus 
  • Benedictus and Elevation
  • Optional Prayer
  • Lord’s Prayer
  • The Peace
  • Distribution (and Agnus Dei)
  • Collect
  • Benedicamus
  • Benediction

For external rites, although we cannot be without them, just as we cannot be without food and drink, nevertheless, do not commend us to God, just as food does not commend us to God. But faith and love commend us to God. Therefore, let the following statement of Paul govern here: ‘The kingdom of God is not meat and drink, but justice, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Preface to Latin Mass