Middelburg Liturgy



English Puritan in Middelburg


  • Preparatory Scripture
  • and Psalms
  • Votum  (Ps. 124:8)
  • Confession
  • Psalm
  • Prayer for Illumination
  • Lord’s Prayer
  • Scripture
  • Sermon
  • Intercessions
  • Psalm
  • Benediction or the Grace
  • Dismissal*


  • Preparatory Scripture and Psalms*
  • Votum* (Ps. 124:8)
  • Confession*
  • Psalm*
  • Prayer for Illumination*
  • Lord’s Prayer*
  • Scripture*
  • Sermon*
  • Intercessions*
  • Words of Institution
  • Exhortation
  • Prayer of Thanksgiving
  • Distribution
  • Scripture
  • Prayer of Thanksgiving
  • Psalm 103 or another Psalm of Thanksgiving
  • Benediction or The Grace

Let us consider, then, that the Sacrament is an excellent medicine for all poor sick creatures, a comfortable help to weak souls, and that our Lord requires no other worthiness on our part, but that we truly acknowledge our wickedness and imperfection. Then, to the end that we may be worthy partakers of his merits and most comfortable benefits, by the true and spiritual eating of his flesh, and drinking of his blood, let us not let our minds wander about the consideration of these earthly and corruptible things (which we see present to our eyes, and feel with our hands) to seek Christ bodily present in them, as if he were enclosed in the bread or wine, or as if these elements were turned and changed into the substance of his flesh and blood. For the only way to dispose our souls to receive nourishment, relief and quickening of his substance is to lift up our minds by faith above all things worldly and sensible, and by this to enter into heaven, that we may find and receive Christ, where he dwells undoubtedly very God, and very man, in the incomprehensible glory of his Father, to whom be all praise, honor, and glory, now and ever. Amen.

Exhortation before the Lord’s Supper